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No Win No Fee Lawyers** and Solicitors** Reading

Many of our customers choose to use this service as it gives you the benefit of being able to process a claim for your personal injury without financial concern. Court cases can be costly and self-funding a claim is not a viable option for many of our clients.

Our personal injury solicitors** for reading make your injury claim as straight forward as possible and understand that financially you would have already been impacted after suffering your personal injury. Claiming for compensation is meant to help you restore your finances after your accident not put you in a worse situation. This is why at personal injury solicitors** Reading we want to help you take advantage of this great service that allows you to make a claim for compensation stress and worry free.

We can tell you if you are eligible to take advantage of our No Win No Fee* service when you call us and make an initial enquiry. Our friendly team will run through the process that is involved in your personal injury claim. Call us today and let us explain to you how our team work on your behalf to get you the best level of compensation using this service.

What is No Win No Fee* Reading?

It allows your personal injury solicitor for reading to take on your claim without you initially paying the bill. We can offer this service when we take on your personal injury claim for compensation.

Your case is assessed with its likeliness to win being asides at this point we will then take out an insurance policy known as after the event this protects both sides if your claim is unsuccessful.

Who pays if my claim is unsuccessful?

The insurance policy we have taken out called after the event means that if your claim is unsuccessful the fees that have been incurred and our costs are covered meaning that you will to be charged nor will we be left out of pocket.

What do I Pay if I Win?

When your claim is successful the opposition will pay majority of the fees in the normal situation. As we have said not every case is the same so this can differ case by case speak to us today for more information on this service.

You will not pay this fee until your claim has successfully come to an end and then the fee is normally deducted when you receive your compensation.

No win no fee gives you piece of mind and allows your personal injury solicitor** for reading to work on your case without being restricted by budget when working to your successful claim.

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and feel that a no win no fee* solicitor **for reading could help you get the compensation you deserve call today and begin your claim to put your finances back on track after you have suffered.

*Other costs may be payable.

**We have a team of of technical claims qualifiers who will speak with you and if you have, in our opinion, a valid claim, we will refer your case to one of the personal injury solicitors on our panel.

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